HEC & UNIL accounts merging is in progress 

[employees] IF YOUR USERNAME IS BASED ON YOUR LASTNAME (e.g. Mr Aebischer username is JAEBISC3)

⚫ change your UNIL password here : Changer le mot de passe UNIL

⚫ your HEC password will be updated as well

   if not please report to helpdesk@unil.ch

[students] IF YOUR USERNAME IS BASED ON YOUR MATRICULE (e.g. Mr Aebischer username is 10123456)

⚫ use the old app Demande d'un lien pour modifier votre mot de passe HEC

⚫ in some cases (e.g. access to old hec shared drives)

   you will need to re-enable your HEC account 

   by connecting on an hec office desktop pc

   (which usually cannot be achieved remotely)

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