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Christian Peukert


Associate Professor
Department of Strategy, Globalization and Society

Internef, room 606
Tel 021.692.33.26

Postal address
Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne
Bâtiment Internef
1015 Lausanne


master Strategy in Digital Markets
Related programmes
Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation Behaviour, Economics and Evolution
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Business Analytics
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Strategy, Organization and Leadership
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Marketing


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12 last publications

: Peer Reviewed

In Press

Kretschmer Tobias , Peukert Christian (in press). Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Recorded Music Sales. Information Systems Research. Peer Reviewed


Batikas Michail, Claussen Jörg ; Peukert Christian (2019). Follow the money: Online piracy and self-regulation in the advertising industry. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 65, 121-151. Peer Reviewed

George Lisa M. , Peukert Christian (2019). Social networks and the demand for news. Information Economics and Policy, 49, 100833. Peer Reviewed

Peukert Christian (2019). Determinants and heterogeneity of switching costs in IT outsourcing: estimates from firm-level data. European Journal of Information Systems, 28, 291-317. Peer Reviewed

Peukert Christian (2019). The next wave of digital technological change and the cultural industries. Journal of Cultural Economics, 43, 189-210. Peer Reviewed

Peukert Christian (2019). Flexible digital supply behavior. A research agenda for cultural economics (pp. 63-86). Edward Elgar.


Aguiar Luis, Claussen Jörg ; Peukert Christian (2018). Catch Me If You Can: Effectiveness and Consequences of Online Copyright Enforcement. Information Systems Research, 29, 656-678. Peer Reviewed

Claussen Jörg, Essling Christian ; Peukert Christian (2018). Demand variation, strategic flexibility and market entry: Evidence from the U.S. airline industry. Strategic Management Journal, 39, 2877-2898. Peer Reviewed


Essling Christian, Koenen Johannes ; Peukert Christian (2017). Competition for attention in the digital age: The case of single releases in the recorded music industry. Information Economics and Policy, 40, 26-40. Peer Reviewed

Peukert Christian, Claussen Jörg ; Kretschmer Tobias (2017). Piracy and box office movie revenues: Evidence from Megaupload. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 52, 188-215. Peer Reviewed


Buss Philipp , Peukert Christian (2015). R&D outsourcing and intellectual property infringement. Research Policy, 44, 977-989. Peer Reviewed


Peukert Christian (2012). External Technology Supply and Client-Side Innovation. Technology Transfer in a Global Economy (pp. 161-184). Springer US.


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