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Juan Carlos Landrove



bachelor Prévention et gestion des conflits juridiques
Related programmes
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management
Bachelor (BSc) in Economic Sciences


Academic honors

Alfred E. von Overbeck Award granted by the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC)
"Juan Carlos Landrove, lecturer in prevention and management of legal disputes, is the first award winner of the Alfred E. von Overbeck Prize of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC) rewarding the best PhDs in conflict of laws.

The Prize for his doctoral thesis entitled « Assignment and
Arbitration - A Comparative Study » was presented by Prof. Walter Stoffel, President of the Swiss Competition Commission at the opening of the 20th conflict of laws day before an assembly of European professors and practicioners."
Année : 2008

Récipiendaire : Juan Carlos Landrove


  • alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation, etc)
  • business law (4)
  • prevention and management of legal disputes


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