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Nicolas Bastardoz



bachelor Comportement organisationnel
Related programmes
Bachelor (BSc) in Economic Sciences
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management


13 last publications

: Peer Reviewed

In Press

Antonakis John, Bastardoz Nicolas ; Rönkkö Mikko (in press). On ignoring the random effects assumption in multilevel models: Review, critique, and recommendations. Organizational Research Methods.


Bastardoz N. , Van Vugt M. (2018). The nature of followership: Evolutionary analysis and review. The Leadership Quarterly, 30, 81-95. Peer Reviewed


Arthur C., Bastardoz N. ; Eklund R. (2017). Transformational leadership in sport: current status and future directions. Current Opinion in Psychology, 16, 78-83. Peer Reviewed


Antonakis J., Bastardoz N., Jacquart P. ; Shamir B. (2016). Charisma: An ill-defined and ill-measured gift. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 3, 293-319. Peer Reviewed

Bastardoz N. , Antonakis J. (2016, Aug). How should the fit of structural equation models be judged? Insights from Monte Carlo simulations. Academy of Management Proceedings (pp. 12634). Peer Reviewed

Bastardoz Nicolas , Antonakis John (Dir.) (2016). THREE ESSAYS ON METHODS IN MANAGEMENT. Université de Lausanne, Faculté des hautes études commerciales.


Bastardoz N. , Antonakis J. (2015). Le leadership est-il inné ou découle-t-il de techniques d'apprentissage pointues ?. Echo Money.

Bastardoz N., Jacquart P. ; Antonakis J. (2015, Aug). Crisis and Rhetoric in Presidential Leadership: A Regression Discontinuity Design. Academy of Management Proceedings (pp. 11386). Peer Reviewed

Bastardoz N., Jacquart P. ; Antonakis J. (2015, Sep). Crisis and rhetoric in presidential leadership: A regression discontinuity design. Congress of the Swiss Psychological Society, Geneva, Switzerland.


Antonakis J., Bastardoz N., Liu Y. ; Schriesheim C. A. (2014). What makes articles highly cited?. The Leadership Quarterly, 25, 152-179. Peer Reviewed

Bastardoz N. , Antonakis J. (2014, Jan). Sample Size Requirement for Unbiased Estimation of Structural Equation Models: A Monte Carlo Study. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2014 (pp. 13405-13405). The Academy of Management. Peer Reviewed


Antonakis J. , Bastardoz N. (2013). Swain: Stata module to correct the SEM chi-square overidentification test in small sample sizes or complex models. Statistical Software Components S457617, Boston College Department of Economics.

Bastardoz N. , Antonakis J. (2013, Jan). How small can a sample size be for a structural equation model?. Congress of the Swiss Psychological Society, Basel, Switzerland (pp. 141). Peer Reviewed


Academic honors

Academy of Management, Professional Development Workshop. Some words of advice: A Mentoring Session to Promote High Quality Leadership Research. Most promising research proposal
Année : 2014

Récipiendaire : Nicolas Bastardoz

Research Methods Division Academy of Management & SAGE Publications "Best Student Paper Award"
Année : 2017

Récipiendaire : Nicolas Bastardoz


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