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Pierre Bonzon



Research areas

Intelligent communicating agent models
Definition of a language for programming intelligent communicating agents. Agents behaviour gives rise to concurrent communicating processes (or threads). These in turn can be compiled in terms of plans with explicit synchronization conditions, and then sequentially executed on a virtual machine.

Towards machine consciousness
Models of machine consciousness based on a developmental theory of thoughts implemented as threads. Using an evolutionist approach, models of increasing complexity will evolve to eventually mimic most of the fonctionalities of a simple animal brain.


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Docteur ès sciences techniques EPFL (1969)

Professeur-invité à l'Université de Californie à Santa Cruz (1985-1986)

Senior visiting researcher ICSI Berkeley (1994-1995)


  • agents intelligents
  • intelligence artificielle
  • langage informatique
  • programmation logique
  • simulation par ordinateur (2)


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