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Patrick Haack


Full Professor
Department of Strategy, Globalization and Society

Internef, room 603
Tel 021.692.34.39

Postal address
Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne
Bâtiment Internef
1015 Lausanne

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master Grand Challenges Strategy Project
Related programmes
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Business Analytics
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Strategy, Organization and Leadership
Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation Behaviour, Economics and Evolution
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Marketing
master The Management of Risk, Reputation and Legitimacy
Related programmes
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Strategy, Organization and Leadership
Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation Behaviour, Economics and Evolution
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Marketing
Master of Science (MSc) in Management, Orientation Business Analytics
Master of Law (MLaw) in Law and Economics


Research areas

Research Interests
My research seeks to integrate psychological and social-constructionist viewpoints within an ideational paradigm to open the "black box" of institutional processes. My specific interests include the micro-level and multi-level analysis of social evaluations, including legitimacy and reputation, the exploration of decoupling from a dynamic perspective, and questions of research design and research methodology, especially the application of experiments and formal modelling approaches in the study of institutionalization and legitimation.


Moritz Gruban
Tel: (021 692) 3579
Room: NEF 620

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  Noëmi Jacober
Tel: (021 692) 36 73
Room: NEF 556

Anna Jasinenko

  Gaëtan Mabillard



21 last publications

: Peer Reviewed

In Press

Haack Patrick, Martignoni Dirk ; Schoeneborn Dennis (in press). A bait-and-switch model of corporate social responsibility. Academy of Management Review.


Bitektine Alex, Haack Patrick, Bothello Joel ; Mair Johanna (2020). Inhabited Actors : Internalizing Institutions through Communication and Actorhood Models. Journal of Management Studies, 57, 885-897.

Haack Patrick, Schilke Oliver ; Zucker Lynne (2020). Legitimacy Revisited: Disentangling Propriety, Validity, and Consensus. Journal of Management Studies.

Haack Patrick , Sieweke Jost (2020). Advancing the Measurement of Organizational Legitimacy, Reputation, and Status: First-order Judgments vs Second-order Judgments—Commentary on “Organizational legitimacy, reputation and status: Insights from micro-level management”. Academy of Management Discoveries, 6, 153-158.


Harmon Derek J., Haack Patrick ; Roulet Thomas J. (2019). Microfoundations of Institutions: A Matter of Structure Versus Agency or Level of Analysis?. Academy of Management Review, 44, 464-467. Peer Reviewed


Haack P. , Sieweke J. (2018). The Legitimacy of Inequality: Integrating the Perspectives of System Justification and Social Judgment : The Legitimacy of Inequality. Journal of Management Studies, 55, 486-516. Peer Reviewed

Schnider R., Haack P. ; Scherer A.G. (2018, Jul). Legitimacy Judgments about Corporate Tax Avoidance: A Deliberation Experiment. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2018 (pp. 1-6). Academy of Management. Peer Reviewed


Suddaby R., Bitektine A. ; Haack P. (2017). Legitimacy. Academy of Management Annals, 11, 451-478. Peer Reviewed


Bitektine A. , Haack P. (2015). The "Macro" and the "Micro" of Legitimacy: Toward a Multilevel Theory of the Legitimacy Process. Academy of Management Review, 40, 49-75. Peer Reviewed

Haack P. , Schoeneborn D. (2015). Exploring the Institutionalization of Corporate Responsibility: A Formal Modeling Approach. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2015, 1-5.

Haack P. , Schoeneborn D. (2015). Is Decoupling Becoming Decoupled from Institutional Theory? A Commentary on Wijen. Academy of Management Review, 40, 307-310. Peer Reviewed


Haack P. (2014). Realität und Schein: Über die Macht des Symbols: Plädoyer für die Einnahme einer dynamischen Perspektive in der Entkopplungsforschung. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik, 15, 27-32.

Haack P. (2014). Experimentieren mit Experimenten. Denkanstöße für die organisationswissenschaftliche Legitimitätsforschung. Zeitschrift Führung und Organisation, 83, 46-51.

Haack P., Pfarrer M.D. ; Scherer A.G. (2014). Legitimacy-as-Feeling: How Affect Leads to Vertical Legitimacy Spillovers in Transnational Governance. Journal of Management Studies, 51, 634-666. Peer Reviewed

Haack P. , Scherer Andreas G. (2014). Why Sparing the Rod does not Spoil the Child: A Critique of the Strict Father Model in Transnational Governance. Journal of Business Ethics, 122, 225-240. Peer Reviewed


Haack P., Scherer A. G. (Dir.) (2012). Legitimacy in Institutional Theory: Three Essays on Social Judgments in a Globalized World. University of Zurich.

Haack P., Schoeneborn D. ; Wickert C. (2012). Talking the Talk, Moral Entrapment, Creeping Commitment? Exploring Narrative Dynamics in Corporate Responsibility Standardization. Organization Studies, 33, 815-845. Peer Reviewed


Schoeneborn D., Haack P. ; Wickert C. (2011). Von rhetorischer zu organisationaler Realität? Die globale Standardisierung von Unternehmensverantwortung als kommunikativer Aushandlungsprozess. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik, 12, 71-86.

Schoeneborn D., Wickert C. ; Haack P. (2011). Fallstudie MNUs: Der ,Equator-Principles"-Standard in der Finanzindustrie. Handbuch Corporate Social Responsibility: Kommunikationswissenschaftliche Grundlagen und methodische Zugänge Mit Glossar (pp. 344-355). VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden.


Haack P. (2010). Private Akteure in der Global Governance - Kommunikative Grundlangen von Legitimität: Ein Forschungsprojekt in Kooperation mit dem UN Global Compact. Forum Wirtschaftsethik, 1, 62-63.


Haack P. (2008). Talking Intervention: Foreign Policy Frames and their Conditional Impact on Individual Attitudes. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrücken.


Work experience

Assistant Professor (Oberassistent) in Organization Studies, University of Zurich

Fellow, World Class Research Environment "Governing Responsible Business"

Visiting Scholar at Copenhagen Business School

Visiting Researcher at the United Nations, New York

Visiting Scholar at Stanford University

Academic honors

Best Paper Award of the Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation
Année : 2013

Récipiendaire : Patrick Haack

Best Paper Award, Social Issues in Management Division
Année : 2015

Récipiendaire : Patrick Haack

Academy of Management Review Best Reviewer Award
Année : 2016

Récipiendaire : Patrick Haack


  • legitimacy, reputation, crisis management, organizational scandals


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