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Stéphanie Missonier


Full Professor
Department of Information Systems

Internef, room 131
Tel 021.692.35.95

Postal address
Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Chamberonne
Bâtiment Internef
1015 Lausanne


Research areas

Cross-boundary collaboration
I work on teamwork and especially on cross-boundary collaboration when addressing wicked problems in management (e.g., medical projects, new product development, team coordination, strategic management). Regarding the new way of group work practices, my specific interests are in designing a new type of artefact that help teams have more effective conversations. I base my developments on the psycholinguistic theory of joint activity from Herb Clark (1996), the process of inquiry from Dewey (1929), and shared visualisation from Eppler (2007).

Relational ontology in Project management
I work to open up a new perspective in project management: the relational ontology of project management, to overcome the problems that stem from the application of traditional approach and methods which bracket the complexity of action and interactions in projects.
Instead of thinking projects as an accumulation or combinaison of different blocks (such as ressources management, time management, projects managers competencies), I see projects as an emergent process of interactions between theses different block, between events, people, objects, knowledge.
Based on actor-network theory, and process philosophy, I work to provide new lights on projects trajectories (failure - success), on the dynamic and emergent stakeholders analysis, and on temporal analysis of projects (by developing with Anthony Hussenot the "event-based approach")


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Cross-boundary collaboration

Project management


Master Finance and Accounting

Campus d'Oklahoma University : Major Business, aux U.S.A (Norman)

Master in Management In University of Ncie Sophia Antipolis

Phd in Management and Information system University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, laboratoire GREDEG CNRS
"Understanding in order to help. A network analysis of information technology implemetation projetcs: the case of ENT (Numerical technological space)"

Work experience

Research mission of an IT project
French firm ERN (Espaces et Réseaux Numériques) à Sophia-Antipolis (France) (18 months): Research mission of an IT project: implementation and usability of the Numerical Technological Space

Research project (6 months). Implementation analysis of an new digital collaborative Space in the French National Education

Academic honors

Best Research in progress Award in the International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS)
Année : 2015

Récipiendaire : Avdiji Hazbi & Stephanie Missonier

Best Teacher Award - Master course of IT Strategy and Governance
Année : 2014

Récipiendaire : Stéphanie Missonier

Best Reviewer Award, Conference of Association Information Management (AIM)
Année : 2013

Récipiendaire : Stéphanie Missonier

Best Paper Award, Conference Association Information Management (AIM)
Année : 2011

Récipiendaire : Stéphanie Missonier


  • team collaboration
  • cross-boundary collaboration
  • digital transformation
  • it strategy
  • process thinking
  • project management (2)
  • teamwork
  • transformation (agile and digital)


Internef - CH-1015 Lausanne - Suisse  -   Tél. +41 21 692 33 00  -   Fax +41 21 692 33 05
Swiss University