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Department of Organizational Behavior (OB)

The Department of Organizational Behavior conducts cutting-edge research about the behavior and decisions of individuals and groups in organizations. We aim to advance knowledge that can help organizations to improve their effectiveness and their stakeholders' well-being. Organizational Behavior courses are taught in all programs of the Faculty of Business and Economics.


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  N.B.: Publications appears only after the authors have joined HEC Lausanne.
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Tur Benjamin, Harstad Jennifer ; Antonakis John (submitted). Effect of Charismatic Signaling in Social Media Settings: Evidence from TED and Twitter. The Leadership Quarterly.

In Press

Antonakis John, Bastardoz Nicolas ; Rönkkö Mikko (in press). On ignoring the random effects assumption in multilevel models: Review, critique, and recommendations. Organizational Research Methods.
Dimov C., Khader P.H., Marewski J.N. ; Pachur T. (in press). How to model the neurocognitive dynamics of decision making: A methodological primer with ACT-R. Behavior Research Methods. Peer Reviewed
Efferson Charles, McKay Ryan ; Fehr Ernst (in press). The evolution of distorted beliefs versus mistaken choices under asymmetric error costs. Evolutionary Human Sciences. Peer Reviewed
Holzer A., Tintarev N., Bendahan S., Kocher B., Greenup S. ; Gillet D. (in press). Digitally Scaffolding Debate in the Classroom. CHI’18 Extended Abstracts, April 21-26, 2018, Montreal, QC, Canada. Peer Reviewed
Kleinlogel E. P., Nugier A., Pelletier-Dumas M., de la Sablonnière R. ; Guimond S. (in press). Why do people come to support a highly controversial law? Manipulating the clarity and coherence of a law can shape individuals’ perception and approval. Psychologie Française.
Nugier A., Roebroeck E., Oppin M., Kleinlogel E. P. ; Guimond S. (in press). La laïcité et la fabrique des normes de diversité. La citoyenneté et les défis de la diversité. Politiques françaises et internationales d’éducation et d'intégration sociale. Bruno Garnier, Jean-Louis Derouet et Régis Malet.
Roulin Nicolas , Krings Franciska (in press). Faking to Fit in: Applicants' Response Strategie to Match Organizational Culture. Journal of Applied Psychology.
Schmid Mast M., Carrard V. ; Hall J. A. (in press). Gender, power, and nonverbal communication. Handbook of communication in oncology and palliative care. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.


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