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Department of Operations (DO)

The Department of Operations carries out research in areas such as supply and production chain management and processes, analyzing decisions and queuing theories.

The Department offers numerous courses at Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral level.
It has a particular focus on the Master's in Management program, under the direction of Professor Valérie Chavez, who is a member of this department. The new "Business Analytics" orientation specifically includes courses in the area of Supply Chain Management, Operations Strategy, Data Science, Modeling, and Business Intelligence, to name just a few.



Full Professor (5)

Chavez Valérie
Full Professor
Duparc Jacques
Full Professor
Gallay Olivier
Full Professor
Hameri Ari-Pekka
Full Professor
Van Ackere Ann
Full Professor

Tenure Track Assistant Professor (1)

Lurkin Virginie
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

Visiting Professor (1)

Vuillon Laurent
Visiting Professor

Senior Lecturer (1)

Boldi Marc-Olivier
Senior Lecturer

Part-Time Lecturer I (11)

Alicehic Taner
Part-Time Lecturer
Basse Gilles
Part-Time Lecturer
Baumgartner Marcel
Part-Time Lecturer
Jenny Mathias
Part-Time Lecturer
Maillard Michel
Part-Time Lecturer
Oeuvray Rodrigue
Part-Time Lecturer
Orso Samuel
Part-Time Lecturer
Potier Simon
Part-Time Lecturer
Progin Barbara
Part-Time Lecturer
Reboulleau Jérôme
Part-Time Lecturer
Salomé Daïna Isabelle
Part-Time Lecturer

Assistants (9)

Aigner Maximilian
Graduate Assistant
Bodík Juraj
SNSF Doctoral Student
Gajda Mikele
Graduate Assistant
Kemmner Felicia
Graduate Assistant
Martinez Jaramillo Juan Esteban
Graduate Assistant
Maury Emma
Graduate Assistant
Pitton Beatrice
Graduate Assistant
Weiss Jordi
Graduate Assistant
Wilhelm Matthieu
Junior Lecturer

ATS (Administrative and Technical Staff) (1)

Nguyen Say Cam
Executive Secretary

Professor Emeritus (1)

Lara Blaise
Professor Emeritus


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