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Department of Actuarial Science (DSA)

The Department of Actuarial Science (DSA) brings together various research activities in insurance, including theories of risk and credibility, pension systems, stochastic models in insurance, and mathematical instruments for finance. The department publishes scientific papers and maintains numerous contacts with both the academic and professional areas of insurance.


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  N.B.: Publications appears only after the authors have joined HEC Lausanne.
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In Press

Albrecher H., Bladt M. ; Vatamidou E. (in press). Efficient simulation of ruin probabilities when claims are mixtures of heavy and light tails. Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher H., Bladt Martin ; Bladt Mogens (in press). Multivariate Matrix Mittag-Leffler distributions. Ann. Inst. Statist. Math. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher Hansjoerg, Bladt Martin ; Bladt Mogens (in press). Multivariate fractional phase-type distributions. Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher Hansjoerg, Bladt Mogens ; Yslas Altamirano Jorge (in press). Fitting inhomogeneous phase-type distributions to data: the univariate and the multivariate case. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics. Peer Reviewed
Bai L. (in press). Estimation of Change-point Models. Fundamentalnaya i prikladnaya matematika. Peer Reviewed
Dȩbicki Krzysztof, Liu Peng ; Michna Zbigniew (in press). Sojourn Times of Gaussian Processes with Trend. Journal of Theoretical Probability. Peer Reviewed
Hashorva Enkelejd, Mishura Yuliya ; Shevchenko Georgiy (in press). Boundary Non-crossing Probabilities of Gaussian Processes: Sharp Bounds and Asymptotics. Journal of Theoretical Probability. Peer Reviewed
Hashorva Enkelejd, Padoan Simone A. ; Rizzelli Stefano (in press). Multivariate Extremes Over a Random Number of Observations. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics. Peer Reviewed
Jasnovidov Grigori (in press). Approximation of ruin probability and ruin time in discrete Brownian risk models. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal.


Albrecher H., Azcue P. ; Muler N. (2020). Optimal ratcheting of dividends in insurance. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 58, 1822-1845. Peer Reviewed
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Albrecher H., Chen B., Vatamidou E. ; Zwart B. (2020). Finite-time ruin probabilities under large-claim reinsurance treaties for heavy-tailed claim sizes. Journal of Applied Probability, 57, 513-530. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher H., Kortschak D. ; Prettenthaler F. (2020). Spatial dependence modelling of flood risk using max-stable processes: The example of Austria. Water, 12, 1-26. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher Hansjörg, Araujo-Acuna José Carlos ; Beirlant Jan (2020). Fitting Nonstationary Cox Processes: An Application to Fire Insurance Data. North American Actuarial Journal, 1-28. Peer Reviewed
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Bladt M., Albrecher H. ; Beirlant J. (2020). Combined tail estimation using censored data and expert information. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, 2020, 503-525. Peer Reviewed
BLADT Martin, Albrecher Hansjörg (Dir.) (2020). Statistics of extremes, matrix distributions and applications in non-life insurance modeling. Université de Lausanne, Faculté des hautes études commerciales.
Courbage C., Montoliu-Montes G. ; Wagner J. (2020). The effect of long-term care public benefits and insurance on informal care from outside the household: Empirical evidence from Italy and Spain. The European Journal of Health Economics, 21, 1131–1147. Peer Reviewed
De Francesco Fabrizio , Trein Philipp (2020). How Does Corruption Affect the Adoption of Lobby Registers? A Comparative Analysis. Politics and Governance, 8, 116-127.
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Dȩbicki Krzysztof, Hashorva Enkelejd ; Wang Longmin (2020). Extremes of vector-valued Gaussian processes. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 130, 5802-5837. Peer Reviewed
Fossati Flavia , Trein Philipp (2020). Cobbler stick to your last? Social democrats’ electoral returns from labour market policy. Journal of Social Policy. Peer Reviewed
Fuino M., Maichel-Guggemoos L. ; Wagner J. (2020). Customer Preferences in German Life Insurance Savings Products: A Conjoint Analysis Approach. Journal of Insurance Issues, 43, 97-133. Peer Reviewed
Fuino M., Rudnytskyi I. ; Wagner J. (2020). On the Characteristics of Reporting ADL Limitations and Formal LTC Usage across Europe. European Actuarial Journal, 10, 557-597. Peer Reviewed
Fuino M. , Wagner J. (2020). Duration of Long-Term Care: Socio-Economic Factors, Type of Care Interactions and Evolution. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 90, 151-168. Peer Reviewed
Guevara-Alarcon W., Albrecher H. ; Chowdhury P. (2020). On marine liability portfolio modeling. ASTIN Bulletin, 50, 61-93. Peer Reviewed
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Vagionaki Thenia , Trein Philipp (2020). Learning in Political Analysis. Political Studies Review, 18, 304-319.


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