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Introduction to Distributed Systems

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  • Course given in: French
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  • Schedule: Autumn Semester 2016-2017, 4.0h. course (weekly average)
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This course offers a first introduction to distributed systems, by proposing both a conceptual foundation and a practical perspective for the design and deployment of such systems.


A distributed system is characterized by the absence of global state, i.e., distributed entities do not share a common and coherent view of the system. This characteristic makes it significantly more challenging to devise distributed programs than centralized ones.

This course introduces conceptual and practical tools for addressing this challenge. In order to help understanding theoretical concepts, students incrementally build a typical distributed application throughout the semester, using mainly the Java programming platform. Some of the subjects addressed by this course are the following:

  • concurrency and parallelism;
  • network programming vs. distributed programming;
  • distributed algorithms.

This course is given in French but most of the course material is in English. Moreover, English-speaking students can ask questions and be answered in English.


Distributed Systems - Concept and Design, 4th Edition. G. Coulouris, J. Dollimore, T. Kindberg. 2005. Addison Wesley.


First attempt

Written 2h00 hours
Not allowed
Not allowed

The evaluation is based on two mandatory mini-projects during the semester, and on a final written exam during the ordinary exam session.


Oral 0h20 minutes
Not allowed
Not allowed

A new final exam takes place during the retake session, oral this time, while the evaluation of the two mini-projects done during the semester is simply reused to compute the final mark.

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