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Droit commercial

  • Teacher(s):   A.Richa  
  • English title: Commercial Law
  • Course given in: French
  • ECTS Credits: 6 credits
  • Schedule: Autumn Semester 2021-2022, 4.0h. course (weekly average)
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  • site web du cours course website
  • Related programme: Master of Law (MLaw) in Law and Economics
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The course aims to improve the students’ knowledge, in particular those who have chosen HEC studies, in relation to company law and other legal entities. It also presents certain relevant aspects of collection and bankruptcy law for commercial companies.


The course will notably cover the following topics :

  • partnerships
  • corporations
  • other legal entities
  • mergers and restructurings
  • chosen aspects of collection and bankruptcy law


I. Reference material:

  • P. Böckli, Schweizer Aktienrecht, 4e édition, Zurich 2009;
  • G. Brosset/D. Brosset/M. Brosset, La poursuite pour dettes et la faillite - Tableaux synoptiques, 10e édition, Bâle 2015;
  • H. Honsell/N. P. Vogt/R. Watter (édit.), Kommentar zum schweizerischen Privatrecht, Obligationenrecht II, Art. 530 – 964 OR, 5e édition, Bâle/Francfort-sur-le-Main 2016;
  • A. Meier-Hayoz/P. Forstmoser, Droit suisse des sociétés, Berne 2015;
  • P. Tercier/M. Amstutz (édit.), Commentaire romand, Code des obligations II, 2e édition, Bâle 2018.

A course handbook contains most of the relevant literature.

II. Relevant legal provisions of the Swiss Civil Code and Code of Obligations, of the Federal Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, as well as of other legislations mentioned during the course.


Base courses in company law and / or business law (droit de l’entreprise, droit des affaires et / ou droit des sociétés).


First attempt

Written 3h00 hours
Allowed with restrictions

The final examination is a 3-hour written in-person test (subject to the application of covid health measures).

The presentation of rulings in the form of teamwork, as well as active participation in the class, will be taken into account up to a maximum of +0.5 points.

Only legislative and regulatory resources are allowed (laws, ordinances etc.) for the examination.


Written 3h00 hours
Allowed with restrictions

Identical to the ordinary session.

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