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Introduction à la gestion immobilière

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  • English title: Real Estate : introduction
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  • Schedule: Autumn Semester 2021-2022, 4.0h. course (weekly average)
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    Bachelor (BSc) in Economic Sciences

    Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management
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Real estates constitute the fifth active worldwide financier. The value of real estate in the world was of about 217'000 bilion dollars in 2016. It’s easy so to say that the question of the promotion, estimation, use and management of real estate is fundamental.

This lesson of introduction to the real estate management, devoted to the students of 3rd year Bachelor Management, is a matchless training to HEC Lausanne.

Given by six people with various experiments but all coming from property professional middle, this lesson is meant to be resolutely multidisciplinary.

By theoretical education via many notions of marketing, finance and management, by distribution of experience linked to the real estate management in the broad sense, this lesson is resolutely turned to practice. The students are invited to discover the vocabulary, the actors and the practices of the different jobs of real estate.

At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to have talks with the different actors of the sector, to integrate with teams of plan and will have acquired a capacity to apply academic notions in the professional context of real estate.

This lesson is mandatory for the seminar offered in the spring semester, the property management in practice.


Real estate management

Michel Maillard, lic. iur. , Director of Naef immobilier Lausanne SA

This lesson is about the management of buildings, all services which a manager makes or can make, the organisation of profession and its actors.

At the end of module, the student has an overview of management and administration of property, stakes and challenges as well as professional perspectives.

Legal aspects in real estate

Isabel Salomé-Daïna, Lawyer, Associate and responsible for the office of Lausanne B.M.G. Lawyers

This module pursues aim to make become aware to the students of the multiplicity of facets which recuperates the real estate law.

In view of the largeness of the thematic, we aspire first of all that the student has own reflexes to identify stakes, as long in terms of the private law (contract of lease, of firm, of sale, right reals) as public law (town and country planning, police of buildings, acquisition of building by foreigners, law of renovation).

Real estate valuation

Barbara Progin, Director of e2i, independent property expertises

How to determine the value of a building, that it’s about a villa, an accommodation in PPE, an administrative or commercial building, an one not built good-fund or particular buildings? In the module of property valuation, we will lean over the different analysis methods used in the branch. At the end of this lesson, the student will know which information to harvest, where to find them, and which tools to choose to implement for the estimate of a building.

Investment collectives of capitals

Taner Alicehic, Fondateur de Real ESTATE Investment Solutions AG

Two parts compose this module: (1) how and (2) why a real estate security investment?

The first part being devolved in the manager and lawful aspects, the second will be more orientated to the finance of markets (risks diversification, optimum portfolio, investment vehicles, etc. ).

At the end of module, the student will be able - by taking into account factors and pressures - to make a decision of investment for a real estate security.

Real estate promotion

Gilles Basse, financial director at Fundim SA as well as his colleague Simon Potier, project director also at Fundim SA.

About what promoter's job consists, how do we exercising this particularly varied profession and which are necessary qualities to succeed and to grab opportunities by avoiding traps?

This module will analyse " supply chain " (the chain of all contractors) of this profession and explain all stages of a promotion, the identification of a plot to final delivery. The lesson will be about all aspects such as legal setting, situation, negotiation, calculations, financing, contractors, plan, procedures, building, marketing and finally, delivery.


Mathias Jenny, Architect EPFL, Jenny Architectes SA

This course illustrates the processus of enhancing a field with the promoter in a broad sense. (Private, institutional promoter)

This module will go through the main activities that an architect might face and the different tasks he will need to achieve.

As a result, this class will cover all the steps, from the beginning to the end of a real estate project.


Lesson is based on one duplicated lecture and/or powerpoint presentations which will be given to students. No specific book of reference.


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