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Dramaturgie pour le monde professionnel

  • Teacher(s):   M.Sanchez Jurado  
  • English title: Drama course for professionals
  • Course given in: French
  • ECTS Credits: 3 credits
  • Schedule: Autumn or Spring Semester 2022-2023, 2.0h. course (weekly average)
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  • site web du cours course website
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If you are keen to develop your charisma, using artistic practice towards more inwardness and emotional experience or if you have the desire to magnify your expression, communicate with ease in public in the daily life ... or your professional future, you can make it, thanks to the teaching of the theater!

The DRAMA COURSE FOR PROFESSIONALS aims at the acquisition " of tools " allowing a better self-esteem, awareness of its body and the nonverbal language, the use and mastery of its voice, the gaining of a better oral speech and self-expression in public performance, in examinations, in thesis defense, managing stage fright and emotions and the development of interpersonal skills ... (potential for creativity and reactivity) through improvisation techniques and creativity used in the field of comedy and theater.




  1. 1. The body ease:

The flexibility

The physical warm-up

The nonverbal language

The neutrality

The look

Gestures or tics to be banned

  1. 2. The vocal expressiveness:

Vocal work

The breath

The articulation

The fluidity in eloquence

Better speech

Quality of the expression

Reading in a loud voice / words supports, silences

Flow of reading, acceleration, pace

Know how to use different tones or resonators

  1. 3. Charisma development

Ease in public

The pleasure to express oneself / Captivate the assistance

Be a boatman of words / Put feelings

Gaining self confidence

Gaining enthusiasm


  1. 4. Work in pairs or groups



Listening of other one

Role-playing games


  1. 5. Stress Management

Breathing techniques

Preparation before a presentation

Slower elocution to control the stage fright

Relativization techniques


At the end of the course the participant should know:

- How to work its body and flexibility

- Own a personal warm-un of 5 minutes which prepares him the best

- How to control his nerves, stress, shyness, its possible tics and mannerisms and manage the "dropping out"

- How to amplify its vocal range (voice and resonators)

- How to read correctly by being a boatman of words

- How to address an audience, manage its marks, be charismatic

- How to use improvisation techniques and repartee by playing different roles and by building characters

- How to practice spontaneous listening of other one

- How to emphasize its own skills

At the end of the course the participant should have developed the following skills:

- Ability to work with others, respecting their differences

- Ability to conduct an oral presentation on a given topic

- Ability to cope with unforeseen situations, in a creative way

- Ability to use its voice and its body language to captivate an audience


No reference is required. No need to have already made theater. You just have to be willing to work on yourself, get out of your comfort zone and be incline to invest in the course.

Attendance is compulsory (beyond 2 absences tolerated for unforeseeable events or reasons, the attendance is reduced)


The registration is done on motivation letter which has to be addressed to the Professor in charge of the course.

Email: Places being limited, it is better to send the request as soon as possible.


First attempt

Oral 25 minutes
Not allowed
  • Une note de présence / contrôle continu.
  • Une note d'examen oral. 25 minutes par candidat en présence de l'enseignant du cours et d'un expert. Après une courte présentation, une interview croisée et des questions, puis un jeu de rôle par tirage au sort, le candidat devra lire, dire ou interpréter un texte de 5 minutes qu'il aura choisi et préparé au préalable pour la fin du semestre.

La note finale est la moyenne des 2 notes obtenues et devra être égale ou supérieure à 4 pour l'obtention des 3 crédits.


Oral 25 minutes
Not allowed
Not allowed

Pour la session de rattrapage, seul l'examen oral est maintenu, selon les mêmes modalités que celles mentionnées ci-dessus.

La note finale reste la moyenne des 2 notes.

NB : l'autre note obtenue en contrôle continu est conservée sans modification pour établir la nouvelle moyenne et donc la note finale.

La note finale est la moyenne des 2 notes obtenues et devra être égale ou supérieure à 4 pour l'obtention des 3 crédits.

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