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Business and Society - Corporate Sustainability

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  • Titre en français: Business et société - développement durable au sein de l'entreprise
  • Cours donné en: anglais
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  • Horaire: Semestre d'automne 2021-2022, 4.0h. de cours (moyenne hebdomadaire)
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    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation stratégie, organisation et leadership

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation marketing

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation comportement, économie et évolution

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation business analytics

    Maîtrise universitaire en Droit et économie
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Please note the following important information: given the uncertainty regarding the continuing pandemic, the format of this course is subject to change. Please see below for information on the content and objectives.

If we are compelled by the situation to move online, the course will be open to all students who wish to register, without application. If we will be back on campus and in person, registration will be limited by application. Please check the Moodle site for the course from Monday 6 September onwards. We should have more clarity by then. If the course will be held on campus, we will start accepting applications from Monday 6 September up until Friday 17 September. Information about the application process will be posted on Moodle.

No late applications will be accepted.


      What is the role of business in society? Throughout the semester, we will explore two very different answers to this question: social entrepreneurship and sustainability initiatives in large multinational companies.

      At the end of the course, you should be able to:

      1) differentiate between definitions of corporate sustainability, and explain how they impact action,

      2) evaluate barriers to CS actions and possible means to overcome them,

      3) analyze the specificities of leadership for sustainability,

      4) collaborate in the development of a social enterprise and

      5) engage in self-reflection on your individual and team-working skills.


      We will analyze a series of articles, case studies, images and videos that I will post on Moodle.


      Please note that if the course is held on campus, for pedagogical reasons, registration will be limited. Students who are interested can apply by responding to the questions posted on the Moodle page at the latest by Friday 17 September at 18h00.

      No late applications will be accepted.


      1ère tentative

      Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

      Students will have to complete a group project, and two individual assignments, a mid-term exam and a final exam, both of which will be given in class.

      Plagiarism of any sort - the use of others' material without proper citation and referencing - will be treated with the highest severity and, following University regulations, can lead to full exclusion from the Swiss University system.


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      The retake exam will replace all other grades and represent 100% of the course grade.

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