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Supply Chain Management and its Latest Trends

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  • Titre en français: Gestion de la Logistique
  • Cours donné en: anglais
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  • Horaire: Semestre d'automne 2018-2019, 4.0h. de cours (moyenne hebdomadaire)
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Special theme fall 2018: Risk-based approaches in global logistics, supply chains and trade

By the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Describe how the different modes of transport function in global logistics systems and trade fulfilment
  • Identify key technologies, their benefits and constraints in the context of global supply chain efficiency and security
  • Recognise how government and international organisation regulations and agreements impact the global supply chain
  • Label how supply chains are subject to a broad variety of crime types
  • Explain how environmental crime aspects should be covered in the supply chain
  • Solve specific supply chain managerial problems with quantitative methods
  • Give examples of managerial trade-off in different parts of the supply chain
  • Prepare a risk management plan for a supply chain organisation

Course teaser animation (illustrative):


The course content (and guest lecturers) will include:

  • Introduction, key elements and learning objectives for the full course (opening lecture on 24.9.2018)
  • Global freight forwarding and maritime logistics (1.10; Guest: Mr. Marco Sorgetti, Italy - Former Director General of FIATA)
  • Quantitative approaches and risk management basics (8.10)
  • Crime and security in global supply chains (15.10; Guest: Mr. Mike Ellis, UK - Former Head of Illicit Trade Program at INTERPOL)
  • Air and road transport, postal and express courier services (22.10)
  • Case examples in global supply chain management (29.10; Guest: Mr. Nik Delmeire, Belgium - Secretary General of European Shippers Council)
  • Security management in global chemicals supply chains (5.11)
  • Digitalization in pharmaceutical supply chains (12.11, Guest: Mr. Pasi Kemppainen, Finland - Principal Advisor, Pharma Digitalization)
  • Trade facilitation and cross-border logistics (19.11, Guest: Mr. Tom Butterly, Switzerland – Trade Facilitation Senior Expert)
  • Security management in global tobacco and alcohol supply chain (26.11)
  • Sustainable supply chains (3.12, Guest: Mr. François Facchin, Switzerland - Supply Chain Sustainability Lead at Nestlé World)
  • Environmental crime and security in global supply chains (10.12)
  • Presenting groupworks on supply chain risk management plans (final lecture on 17.12.2018)


Course material (slides and cases) will be distributed to the students via course www-site. For someone who is more interested on the topic in more detail, the following materials may be of interest:

Schlegel, G. and Trent, R. Supply Chain Risk Management: An emerging discipline, CRC Press, 2015.

Hult, T., Closs, D., and Frayer, D. Global Supply Chain Management: Leveraging processes, measurements and tools for strategic corporate advantage, McGraw Hill Education, 2014.

CBRA Youtube channel:

CBRA External news on supply chain security and trade facilitation:


Operations management courses are of benefit, yet not obligatory.


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Autorisée avec restrictions

Grading : Exam (60%) and homework (40%) Final exam : Written, 2 hours, without documentation, non programmable calculator authorized


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Autorisée avec restrictions

Exam 100%

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