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Supply-Chain Analytics

  • Enseignant(s):   S.De Treville  
  • Titre en français: Gestion logistique en Business Analytics
  • Cours donné en: anglais
  • Crédits ECTS: 6 crédits
  • Horaire: Semestre de printemps 2019-2020, 4.0h. de cours (moyenne hebdomadaire)
  •  séances
  • Formations concernées:
    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation business analytics

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation stratégie, organisation et leadership

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation comportement, économie et évolution

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation marketing



The objective of this course is to equip participants with analytical tools to support decision making in managing operations and supply chains. We begin from basic concepts taught in the bachelor course Gestion des opérations, and develop the ability to use these concepts in an industrial setting. The students are encouraged to think about broader operations strategy and the way the supply chain can be leverage as a competitive advantage.



  1. Incorporating demand risk into supply-chain decision making
  2. Valuing supply-chain responsiveness
  3. Organizing capacity and designing the supply chain
  4. Process analysis

Course organization

Cases are used to give participants experience in applying analytical tools. The course will meet weekly on Wednesday mornings.

Course material is evenly divided between mastery of technical material and its application in practice. Mastery of technical material will be assessed using regular quizzes that will take place in class. Ability to apply the technical material will be assessed through class participation.


Required course materials

  • Case studies available on the Harvard University website.
  • Other course materials will be distributed via Moodle.

Participants are required to acquire course materials from the Harvard Business School Press. The expected cost will be around CHF 50.


  • MS Excel
  • Mobius and ForClass web-based software will be used during the course. Details will be available on Moodle.
  • Games and simulations.


  • Gestion des opérations for HEC students or a similar introductory course for operations is required
  • Participants are expected to be familiar with the basics of statistics and MS Excel.


1ère tentative

Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

Evaluation is divided into two questions:

  1. Does the participant receive credit for the course (i.e., have a grade of at least 4)? This question will be answered based on the Mobius quiz grades. Passing the course requires that the participant receive a minimum of 70% of Mobius quiz points. Participants receiving between 70 and 80% will receive a grade of 4.
  2. Participants who are passing the course are assessed according to how well they have demonstrated their ability to make use of course material. A grade of 6 requires exceptional performance in case preparation and analysis as well as showing leadership in class discussion and excellent quiz grades from Mobius. Note that strong class-discussion performance cannot be used to compensate for not reaching the required level with Mobius quizzes.


Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

For participants who have not reached the required 70% of Mobius points required to receive a grade of 4, a 2-hour computer-based online assessment will be conducted in the CEI during the exam session. During that assessment, all documentation is permitted, and any calculator generally accepted for exams at HEC. The computer screen must remain on the quiz and in fullscreen mode during the entire session.

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