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Evidence-Based Management

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  • Titre en français: Méthodes scientifiques des affaires
  • Cours donné en: anglais
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  • Horaire: Semestre de printemps 2019-2020, 2.0h. de cours (moyenne hebdomadaire)
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  • Formations concernées:
    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation marketing

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation business analytics

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation stratégie, organisation et leadership

    Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en management, Orientation comportement, économie et évolution



Develop a basic understanding of evidence-based practices for solving managerial problems. By the end of the course, you should have developed competencies on how to employ an evidence-based approach for defining problems as well as for identifying, testing, and evaluating potential solutions. You will also learn about academic research on selected topics. In short, this course aims to show how an evidence-based approach to problem-solving can improve managerial decision making. As a by-product, the obtained skills are helpful for writing Master’s theses.


We seek to (1) develop an understanding of an evidence-based approach to management and (2) learn the knowledge and skills for practicing evidence-based management. The key focus is on acquiring knowledge about how to employ evidence-based practices, in particular for collecting data in one’s company and for one’s own projects. The specific objectives are:

1) Understand the concepts of evidence-based management and a scientific problem solving cycle.

2) Develop procedural knowledge and skills for evidence-based management, in particular for using a scientific problem-solving cycle.

3) Practice evidence-based management through case studies and an evidence-based review article.


An introductory statistics course. Our course is not a statistics course, but a basic understanding of statistics is helpful for understanding an evidence-based approach to management.


1ère tentative

Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

SUMMER 2020, due to coronavirus, class contribution will not be evaluated

The course is graded on the basis of:

  • Weekly assignment papers (individual): 55%
  • Evidence-based article: synopsis, short presentation, and article (team):45%

Due on June 2, 2020


Sans examen (cf. modalités)  

Students who have a final grade of below 4.0 have to redo all assignments in which their grade was below 4.0.

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