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Stratégies digitales

  • Teacher(s):   S.Missonier  
  • English title: Digital Strategies
  • Course given in: French
  • ECTS Credits: 6 credits
  • Schedule: Autumn Semester 2021-2022, 4.0h. course (weekly average)
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  • site web du cours course website
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Whatever its sector of activity, every organization is now confronted with issues related to digitalization. Innovation strategy, digital transformations, data storage and analysis for decision making, customer experiences, creation of a sustainable competitive advantage, optimization of internal operations, are all areas closely linked to the functioning and decisions related to the organization's Information System (IS). Today, more than ever before, a company cannot do without digital technology. However, the relationship between investments in technology and the level of performance of the company is more complex than it seems. It is therefore essential to understand the critical role of technologies (and more broadly of digital) in the strategy and management of companies.

A manager today cannot refrain from understanding and mastering the issues related to IS and digital. Conversely, an IT engineer and/or developer cannot master the IS of a company and make it evolve without understanding and integrating the business issues and strategic challenges of the company. Faced with this observation, the course aims to develop in students multidisciplinary skills allowing a managerial understanding of IT and its strategic issues. It is thus situated at the crossroads of management and IT knowledge, and shows the necessity of mastering these two fields of competence and of knowing how to articulate them.

The overall objective of this course is to develop students' understanding of the strategic use of digital technologies. More specifically, this course aims to provide the tools, techniques/approaches and, above all, the elements of reflection that will enable the identification of the issues and difficulties encountered by IT players in order to understand and resolve them.

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the strategic challenges of digital and IT, and the issues and implications related to digital transformation.
  2. Master the key elements of current/future (new) management styles (Lean and Agile/DeVops)
  3. Be able to identify the problem(s) of a concrete situation, propose an appropriate solution(s), structure and explain its reasoning


All content is available on the class website (Moodle) and on the course Ubicast channel.

Course structure.

This course is based on the flipped classroom method: participants receive online the theoretical elements of the course they have to prepare as well as the cases or articles to read, then the cases will be presented and discussed during the interactive session.

This course aims at a concrete application of the theoretical foundations in business strategy, IT strategy and digital strategy through active learning, thanks to a case study approach, problem identification and expert intervention.

The pedagogical approach of the course aims to develop in students certain essential skills for strategic IS management:

  • Spirit of analysis and synthesis,
  • Critical thinking about the proposed theories and models,Creativity and pragmatism,
  • Good oral and written expression,
  • ability to communicate

The students will have to present their work on the cases in groups, and submit an individual synthesis of one of the courses. Also, an in-depth business case study will be conducted, handed in and presented to the group at the end of the semester.

This course is taught in a flipped classroom and each session will be divided into 2 parts

1. A theoretical part of the course will be broadcasted before the course in online format via videos and course materials uploaded in advance on Moodle and to be read and consulted in order to prepare the weekly session.

2. An applied and interactive part which will take place in room 237 physically. This interactive part (lasting 2 hours) will be dedicated to the presentation of the work prepared by the groups, to discussions and interactions. It can be recorded and broadcasted for students who cannot (yet) be present in the room. (Caution: no bimodal but only streaming)

The sessions are interrelated. The progress of the course therefore requires a mastery of the knowledge transmitted during the previous sessions.

The course is given in French, however, part of the course material is in English. Students can ask questions, write papers and take the exam in French or English

Health measures

This semester, and in accordance with UNIL guidelines, students with the COVID certificate are admitted to the class. The course takes place in room 237 of the Internef. Wearing a mask is mandatory on campus.

For the others, the course will be broadcasted live on zoom on the following link:


This course assumes that the students have a detailed understanding of how IS work in the company and the related technologies.

Students have taken the 2nd year Bachelor course "Information Systems" or equivalent and/or the 3rd year course: "Business process and Information systems" and ideally: the 3rd year Bachelor course: "Project management"


First attempt

Written 1h00 hours
Not allowed

The evaluation is made up of two elements:

- Continuous assessment 50% (group work 45% and individual work 5%)

- Final exam 50% (individual work) online.

Attention: a grade of less than 4 on the final exam is eliminatory and obliges the candidate to go to a retake session.


Written 1h00 hours
Not allowed

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