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Consumer Behavior (BScM)

  • Teacher(s):   F.Petersen  
  • Course given in: English
  • ECTS Credits: 6 credits
  • Schedule: Spring Semester 2020-2021, 4.0h. course (weekly average)
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  • site web du cours course website
  • Related programmes:
    Bachelor (BSc) in Economic Sciences

    Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management
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Consumer behavior principles permeate virtually all of the most successful businesses’ activities, including market research, product development, segmentation, branding, retail mix, communications, as well as some strategic decisions, too. Thus, understanding the psychology of why consumers buy what they buy can transform a business from a follower into an innovation leader.

This course will cover the foundations of consumer psychology and behavior. It will bring insights into how we can use consumer psychology in business and also into how we can make “better” decisions as a consumer. For that purpose, we will complete several graded and non-graded assignments throughout the course.

This course has three main objectives:

  • Enable learning and understanding of the theories underlying the psychology of consumer behavior.
  • Illustrate how businesses apply or can apply consumer science to improve their activities and enhance the shopping experience.
  • Enable application of the knowledge gained for personal and professional advancement.


The topics of the course include but are not limited to:

  • Information Processing
  • Perception, Memory and Learning
  • Consumer Emotions & Well-being
  • Motivation and Self-Regulation
  • Attitudes and Persuasion
  • Decision Making
  • Consumer Experience and Customer Journeys
  • Lifestyle

Moodle Key: CB2021


The following book offers an excellent foundation for this course and will be used extensively:

  • Solomon, Michael (2020). Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being. Global Edition.

We will also use relevant articles and cases as well as selected chapters from different books. The relevant material will be available on the course website.


Principles of Marketing


First attempt

Written 1 hours
Allowed with restrictions
Not allowed

First attempt

1) 15% Group “Designing Happiness”: A group assignment due around half-way of the course.

2) 15% Group “Customer Experience”: A group assignment due at the end of the semester.

3) 10% Individual Reflection Paper: An analysis to be delivered one week after the last class.

4) 60% Final Exam, individual: A test covering the contents of the course.


Written 1h hours


Students are allowed a second attempt to course evaluation, following the guidelines of the University. Students are allowed to retake a justified missed evaluation.

1) 15% “Designing Happiness”, completed individually.

2) 15% “Customer Experience” , completed individually.

3) 10% Individual Reflection Paper.

4) 60% Final Exam, individual.

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