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Advanced Group Accounting

  • Teacher(s):   P.André  
  • Course given in: English
  • ECTS Credits: 3 credits
  • Schedule: Autumn Semester 2022-2023, 2.0h. course (weekly average)
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  • site web du cours course website
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    Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting, Control and Finance

    Master of Law (MLaw) in Law and Economics
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This is an advanced course in group accounting and consolidation which could easily also be called Accounting for Complex Organisations. The principal objective is to continue students’ education in this field through an examination of more complex accounting issues. The main course objectives are the following:

  • Expand the technical proficiency in accounting for transactions with affiliated business enterprises and in the preparation of consolidated financial statements.
  • Develop the conceptual understanding of and appreciation for the significant accounting and reporting requirements pertaining to consolidated or affiliated enterprises, foreign currency transactions and translations, tax effects on consolidated financial statements, segment or line of business disclosure and interim data.
  • Improve the ability to interpret and use financial statements describing the financial condition and operating result of affiliated business entities, including multinational organizations.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of different international accounting regulations with respect to group accounting in particular to IFRS and US-GAAP.

An important supplementary objective is to develop students’ ability to research accounting pronouncements and to use their judgmental skills to provide opinions on the appropriate treatment for unfamiliar accounting problems.


The following standards will be examined:

IFRS 3 Business combinations

IAS 28 Investment in Associates and Joint Ventures

IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements

IAS 27 Separate Financial Statements

IFRS 11 Joint Arrangements

IFRS 12 Disclosure of Interest in Other Entities

IFRS 8 Operating Segments

IAS 36 Impairment of Assets (pertaining to Goodwill)

IAS 21 The effects of changes in foreign exchange rates

COVID-19 Information: Due to the current situation, the schedule and classrooms may change without warning until further notice. The initial mode of delivery of the courses will be face-to-face but could change based on future developments. Please consult these pages regularly to keep abreast of developments. The method of evaluation could also change if course and/or exams are online.


IAS and IFRS standards

Most advanced accounting textbooks deal with these topics. Further references to be supplied in class.


A sound understanding and good technical proficiency in Accounting.

Introductory course in Group Accounting.


First attempt

Written 3h00 hours
Allowed with restrictions
  • 3 hrs written exam


Written 3h00 hours
Allowed with restrictions
  • 3 hrs written exam

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