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Brand Management

  • Teacher(s):   A.Dabrowska-Leszczynska  
  • Course given in: English
  • ECTS Credits: 3 credits
  • Schedule: Spring Semester 2021-2022, 2.0h. course (weekly average)
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Brand management: Foundations & Inspirations

This course adopts a customer-based perspective to brand management on the basis of current branding research and business practice.

Upon completing this class, you should be able to:

- understand the psychological aspects of customer-based brand equity,

- identify brand positioning and values,

- plan brand marketing programs,

- measure brand performance,

- design strategies for growing and sustaining brand equity,

- get inspiration from current trends in brand management (e.g., human branding, sensory branding...)

Please register on UNIL moodle page of this course. For pedagogical purposes, the class is limited to maximum 40 participants. Students will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Marketing track students will have priority. The registration ends 20.02.2022 at 23:59.


First session: Organization

Theme 1 Brands: A Customer-Based Perspective

Theme 2 Brand Positioning, Brand Elements, Building Brand Equity through Communication and Leveraging Secondary Associations

Theme 3 Measuring Brand Equity

Theme 4 Brand Architecture and Brand Extensions

Theme 5 Managing Brands Over Time and Market, Brand Inspirations e.g., Sensory Branding

Theme 6: Being a brand manager

Last two sessions: Team Case Study Presentations


  • Textbook (optional):

Keller, Kevin Lane, Tony Apéria, and Mats Georgson (2019), Strategic Brand Management, A European Perspective, 5th Edition. Essex: Pearson Education.

Articles and other material will be available for download on the moodle platform.


First attempt

Without exam (cf. terms)  

You will be evaluated on the basis of your individual work (40% of the grade), a team project (60% of the grade). Different aspects of your team project will be discussed on a continuous basis and you will present the final projects at the last session.


Without exam (cf. terms)  

Students will have to redo the project work and individual tasks.

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