Business model project


This research aims at developing an ontology or framework for e-business models. By merging the conceptually rich business model approach with the more rigorous ontological approach and by applying it to e-business, we achieve an appropriate foundation for tools that would allow the understanding, sharing and communication, change, measuring and simulation of e-business models.

Doctoral thesis
Alexander Osterwalder, “The business model ontology : a proposition in a design science approach”, February 2004 (Prix Prophyrogenis).

Research grants
Leading, with Eric Dubois (CRPHT, Luxembourg), the project ’Business/IT alignment (TG5)’ of the European Union project ’Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprises Applications and Software’ (Interop), under grant number FP6-508011.

International workshops, organized, with published proceedings :
’ Workshop on business/IT alignment (BUSITAL), at the Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAISE), Luxembourg, June 2006, with Carson Woo (UBC)
’ International workshop on business/IT alignment and requirement engineering, (REBNITA), at the IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), Paris, August 2005, with Eric Dubois (CRPHT, Luxembourg).


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