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If you think technology innovation will change the art of possible, make sure your company is not forgetting to renew its business model

Make sure you don’t forget to re-invent your business model when you bet on technology to invent the future!

The right culture can change the art of what’s possible in organizations

The entrepreneur is a sheep that separates itself from the herd
(L’artiste est un mouton qui se sépare du troupeau by Witold Gombrowicz)

No business tool will ever replace human creativity and passion

“Is innovation key for your company? Is it ready to constantly reinvent itself, compete on superior business models, and transcend industry boundaries? Are you excited to deep dive in the invincible or resilient company?

The importance of the service economy and business innovation are widely recognized. New information technology have redefined the ways of conducting business, providing new services, new customer experiences, new work practices, and new business models. Having adopted the ’Managing as designing’ paradigm, we (team) design, evaluate and diffuse news concepts, frameworks, visual canvases and tools for designing services, business models and other strategic management objects.

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