Business innovation & Information Systems by Design

The importance of the service economy and business innovation are widely recognized. New information technology have redefined the ways of conducting business, providing new services, new customer experiences, new work practices, and new business models. Having adopted the “Managing as designing” paradigm, we design, evaluate and diffuse news concepts, frameworks, visual canvas and tools for designing services, business models and other strategic management objects.

The following Friends Of Yves are sharing these interests and challenges for the last 10 years:

Dr Alex Osterwalder, The Business Model Ontology: a proposition in a design science approach, 2004 (blog)

Dr Giovanni Camponovo, Conceptual Models for designing information systems supporting the strategic analysis of technology environments, 2006

Dr Jan Ondrus, A multi-actor multi-criterion analysis of m-payment, 2007 (blog)

Dr Fang Gang, Firm’s network capability and innovation performance: evidences from China hi-tech industry, 2009

Dr Cédric Gaspoz, Predictive markets for assessing R&D portfolio, 2010 (web)

Dr Riccardo Bonazzi, Designing a compliance support system, 2011

Dr Boris Fritscher, Computer Aided Business Model Design, 2014 (web)

Dr Zhan Liu, Adaptive Privacy Management System Design For Context-Aware Mobile Devices, 2014

Dina Elikan, Brand Modeling and Ontology

but also

Dr Adel Hendaoui, Consumers Shopping Behavior in 3D Virtual Worlds: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation, 2010

Dr Rym Meliane, Understanding consumers repurchase in the context of online shopping : an empirical study, 2010

Dr Sabine Emad, Cost effective game based marketing teaching in immersive 3d virtual worlds: implementation to case study teaching in second life, 2014

and older FOYs still in touch with us and active in the School :

Dr Stefano Mastroggiacomo, Les seigneurs du managements (web),
Dr Marc Laperrouza, Dr Pius Bienz, Dr Gabor Maksay, Dr Jean-Sébastien Monzani, Dr Eric Revaz, Dr Giovanni Zucchinetti and Laurent Haug (blog).