Chinese software industry project


The new economy and the globalization trends have brought the new need for an increased international cooperation in the sector of software engineering. The SoftCust project is divided into 2 phases with clear milestones and deliverables. The main goal of this pro ject is to develop a methodology for customizing, securing and commercializing Swiss original software applications on the Chinese market through 4 selected software cases. A SoftCust network will be initialized to achieve software engineering expertise transfer. With a positive result of the SoftCust project, the knowledge-based network should continue to operate. Finally, it should be transferred into a Sino-Swiss association for software business promotion in the Chinese market.

Doctoral thesis
Gang Fang, The con’guration and performance of international innovation network : some evidence from Chinese software industry (February 2009).

Research grants
Project «Sino Swiss Software Customization Network (SoftCust)» funded by the Swiss Confederation’s innovation promotion agency (CTI/KTI), whose the main contractor is the Technology University of Sierre.

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