Requirements for coopetition project

(2008 – 2011)

Information Technology (IT) departments are under pressure to deliver business value to their organization. There is a need for RE methods that enable engineers to align IT system requirements with the business value expected by the organization. This is becoming ever more complicated with the emergence of complicated business models where the barriers between competitors, suppliers and customers are torn down through the use of IT systems and globalization. Ever more stringent regulations in all types markets are also changing the value proposition expected by companies and public sector organizations. Business-oriented RE methods have only emerged in recent years and much work remains to be done. This proposal seeks to research methods for modeling and simulating these new business models, analyze the value that IT systems can provide and define requirements for these IT systems. The modeling and analysis are based on the inclusion of game theory and system dynamics models within existing business oriented RE methods.

Doctoral thesis
Riccardo Bonnazi, Designing a compliance support system

Research grants
Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (NSF) under grant number xxx.
Prime contractor is EPFL – LAMS lab (Prof. Alain Wegmann)

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