Co-opetitive actors in open innovation

Bonazzi, R., Hussami, L., Bienz, P., Pigneur, Y. (2010) Respecting the Deal: How to Manage Co-opetitive Actors in Open Innovation. in A. D’Atri et al. (eds.), Management of the Interconnected World, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg (forthcoming)

initially presented at the 6th Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS (2009)

Platforms like E-bay allow product seekers and providers to meet and exchange goods. On the same way in open innovation an enterprise can collect ideas from outside the company. But on E-bay, the seeker can return the product if it does not correspond to the expectations, since E-bay is the third-party actor in charge of assuring that the agreement between seekers and providers will be respected. So who does provide the same service for what concerns open innovation, where specifications might not fully defined? In this paper we shall describe the business model of an organizational structure to support the elicitation and respect of agreements between actors, who have conflicting interests but that gain from cooperating together. The description of our first evaluation phase shall find place at the end.



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