Business model design

New edition of the course “Business Model Design” to the MScIS students at HEC Lausanne

Upon completion this course, the participants will have a general understanding of the current state and trends in the design of business models and value propositions. The course aims at (a) learning about and applying a practical visual language to describe, challenge, and design business models and value propositions, (b) appreciating powerful examples of business model innovation, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and social entrepreneurship ventures, and (c) exploring and prototyping business models using design thinking and customer development to boost future growth.

Intro to business model thinking as a strategy tool
- Understanding what business models are and why they are important today
- Exploring the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas
- Understanding how innovative business models can transform industries.
Design thinking for business model innovation
- Coming up with innovative business models with a design mindset
- Prototyping business model
- Assessment, storytelling and pitching business models.
Testing business models
- Introduction to testing business models and value propositions
- The Lean Startup approach and the 
Customer Development process
- Sanity check of business model and simulation.
Evolution of business models
- Assessing the environment
- Transformation and evolution of business models
- Improvement versus invention in big corporations.

The day will be a mix between presentation, Q&A, buzz groups, and hands on practice. After this workshop, participants will have dived deep into a series of case studies across industries, got coaching and advice on business model topics, and shared knowledge and experience among participants.


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