article “Brand Identity Ontology” presented by Dina Elikan at VMBO’2018, hosted by Vrij Universiteit (Jaap Gordijn) at Amsterdam


Increasingly, information systems have a business and consumer value aspect. For example, end-user services such as Netflix and Spotify actually are information systems that produce economic value directly. In this edition of VMBO, we are seeking contributions that discuss the influence of new business insights (e.g. service-dominant logic) on information system design and the other way around. (program)

Brand Identity is of paramount importance for organizations today. Due to the advancement of technology, faster innovation, growing competition and more demanding consumers, managing a brand is becoming more and more complex. Entrepreneurs in Startups and SMEs need to have a clear branding strategy: a narrative that defines the company’s vision, inspires employees and others, and remains relevant through changes. This is hard since the branding concept has been researched from many different perspectives, which makes it foggy. This paper aims to present an ontology that uncovers the key concepts of startup and SME brand identity, in order not only to bring some semantical clarity to the topic but also to lay the foundation for the development of a co-design tool to collaboratively inquire on brand identity in startups and SMEs.

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