TIC in Vietnam

Webinar with Tung Bui, Hawaii Uni., invited by Phan Binh Minh, Alpha Book, Vietnam

screen Vietnam

Professor Yves Pigneur outlines what is required from leaders and organizations to survive and thrive in today’s world. He describes how to design an innovation culture, innovation portfolios, while remaining world-class at managing the existing business. He will also briefly outline Business Model Patterns that allow established companies and startups to compete on better business models rather than just compete on new products, technologies, and price.

As the world is facing the challenges caused by the pandemic and the disruption of the global supply chain, Tung Bui reflects on how the business world has responded to the crisis and highlights temporary and long-lasting strategic shifts, from moving brick-and-mortar operations to digital platforms, and from growth to resilience. He proposes a number of business and innovation strategies that would apply to Vietnam businesses given its unique political, economic, social and business context.

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