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Every Company Needs an Entrepreneur in the C-Suite

“To enable real innovative growth, boards and company leaders must structure top organizational roles to give innovative efforts the resources and attention they need. In their work on business model innovation with over 100 large and medium-sized companies, Tendayi Viki, Alexander Osterwalder, and Yves Pigneur found that companies looking for transformation have two good options: an entrepreneurial CEO or a powerful chief entrepreneur. (web)

Why Your Organization Needs an Innovation Ecosystem

To ensure their companies stay innovative, leaders need to create an ecosystem that allows winning ideas to consistently emerge. In two decades of strategy consulting and research, the authors have learned that building such an ecosystem requires developing capabilities for exploring new ideas, experimentation, accepting failure, and working with external partners.

Don’t Let Your Company Culture Just Happen

“Companies should be as intentional about culture as they are about strategy and business model innovation. We believe that a tool is incredibly important for discussing and capturing organisational culture”

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