Why this session? Coming up with ideas that create value for customers is an important starting point, but the most successful organizations manage to embed these ideas in superior business models that transcend traditional industry boundaries, and help them continusouly re-invent themselves.Session description: How can C-Suite leadership teams harmonize the demands of public markets and activist investors to cut costs; buy back shares and simultaneously reinvent their organization; unleash entrepreneurial talent, and position it for future growth? In this session, Yves Pigneur will discuss three crucial areas that every company needs to consider to remain relevant and prosperous. First, companies have to develop truly ambidextrous organizational structures where the innovation arm is given equal power alongside the existing business. Second, this innovation arm needs its very own culture, processes, skills, metrics, and incentives to explore potentially new business models and value propositions. Third, companies need to better manage their portfolio of existing businesses and new opportunities–some that maintain and protect the current business, while cultivating the business models of tomorrow.

As part of the cases we will discuss, participants will learn how the Chinese company Ping An evolved from a traditional banking and insurance conglomerate to a technology group that competes in five distinct arenas and became one of the world’s largest companies that creates substantial value for customers.

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