At the beginning of August, 1999, Mr. Philipp Gihr, Chief Operating Officer at Ticketcorner, the leading Swiss ticketing organization, started working on a strategic building block at the company’s headquarters in Rümlang, just a few minutes from Zürich international airport. Ticketcorner, which had just come out of a merger and had been newly incorporated as a public limited company, was increasingly unhappy with its ticketing platform that it had licensed from Ticket Online, a multi-national software provider for several years. Since the ticketing platform represented Ticketcorner’s key business tool, the company decided to outline what its dream platform and IT infrastructure would look like. Such a document would allow Ticketcorner to develop, license or acquire a new platform, which would provide the company with the strategic foundation for its planned European expansion. Mr. Gihr already had quite a good idea what the key characteristics of such a platform would look like, in order to be aligned with Ticketcorner’s strategy and business model. …

See the case study website (ticketcorner)

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