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m-business project

Tuesday, January 1st, 2002

(2001- 2006)

This research aims at designing a theoretical framework or information system to assess the evolution of the m-business, the role of new technology such as ad hoc networks, and the business models of the di’erent stakeholders. Based on this framework, this research also plans a technology assessment of the m-business which should detect and analyze the eventual disruption caused by ad hoc networks. This framework and this assessment should also be used to suggest a scenario approach for analyzing, forecasting, and simulating the uncertain evolution of the mobile business.

Doctoral thesis
Giovanni Camponovo, Conceptual Models for designing information systems supporting the strategic analysis of technology environments, June 2006.

Research grants
Leading the individual pro ject ’Wireless e-business models and scenario planning’ of the National Competence Center in Research on Mobile Information and Communication Systems (NCCR MICS), a center supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (NSF) under grant number 5005-67322.